Garden houses & offices

Our garden rooms offers endless possibilities; ranging from home offices, home gyms, kids playroom/ game room, or just a relaxing area away from the home, if you can think it we can make it.

As our builds are bespoke to your needs, we can really help you as the customer to get your vision into reality.

Our builds include

 Full celotex insulation.

Plastered finish.

Rubber roof with guttering.

Full electrical installation.

Double glazing.

Concrete base or floating wooden floor.

Fibre cement cladding in a vast array of colours.

With the option of added extras such as:


Internet links

Remote lighting controls


Air conditioning


Outbuildings and garden sheds are considered to be permitted developments. 

Whilst they typically won’t require planning permission before construction can get underway, there are certain limits and conditions that need to be considered when looking for a garden shed permission.

PHC goes through a number of checks to ensure your development passes all planning criteria from height limits, boundaries to area coverage restrictions.

Our cladding benefits

Fibre Cement Cladding

All our builds are made using a fibre cement cladding. As well as looking fantastic and being available in a wide range of colours, it is durable, low maintenance and fire resistant.

Fire Resistant

The external fibre cement cladding won’t contribute to a fire because it isn’t combustible.

Outstanding durability

Our builds withstand the elements with ease. They continue to look amazing year after year in spite of direct contact with the elements, 24/7. 

They withstand sun, rain, hail, high winds, storms, snow, ice, harsh humidity, and temperature changes. They resist moisture penetration, saving homeowners the hassles involved in repairs due to rotting, swelling, or warping.

Low maintenance

Our out buildings require almost no maintenance year-round. Simply take your garden hose and a medium bristle nylon brush to clean it twice a year. 

It’s as simple as that. The fibre cement cladding evens offers a 15 year product with a life expectancy of over 60 years

Other features & specifications

Rubber Roof

We use EPDM rubber for the flat roof. This Modern rubber is not susceptible to the sun’s UV and ultraviolet rays and can last 50 years or more.

All our roofs will have a minimum of a 2 inch fall for rain water with a choice of coloured guttering on the back

Concrete Base

Are the most common option for most builds where access isn’t a problem. With our concrete bases we ensure that the area is dug down deep enough so we are not laying the foundation on top soil. 

Each concrete slab will be 150mm thick  out of the ground and will be reinforced with rebar mesh sheets with damp proofing.

Ground Screw foundation

The groundscrew is a fantastic option if access is a problem. The screw typically will be 600 mm deep into the ground. There will be a screw every 1.2 meters from each other, each screw has a 1 tonne loading compacity.

With our floors made out of 6×2 timber, make no mistake, this option is one seriously solid base.

Insulated in each bay, this maybe a cosier option depending on the use of the building.

Doors & Windows

We can offer you a wide range of doors and windows at any size or colour.

The bi-fold doors are made out of aluminuim whilst the standard French doors and single door can be made out of aluminium or UPVC. Both sets of doors are of the highest qulatility, all glass is toughened and can be clear or obscure. The thick double glazing helps with insulation and to shut out noises.

We work very closely with our window manufacturer and we can ensure you the quality is fantastic


All building will be fully insulated with Celotex insulation as standard.

We leave the build fully plastered and all skirtings.

Decoration and flooring is an added extra which we are more than happy to do.

Any bars or cabinets would also be an added extra we can discuss in the design process.


The supply to the building will be separate from your house consumer unit. We install a switch fuse at the mains and run an armoured cable to the build, each build typically has a 32 amp supply.

The building will have its own RCD consumer unit.

Once again as these builds are bespoke, the power requirements inside the build are up to you LED Down lights, LED strip lights, lamp circuits, sockets in any location, remote lighting circuits etc the potential is endless.

We also include as standard a hard wired internet link.

Extras would be alarm systems
speakers in the ceilings, CCTV and remote lighting.

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